Hydroforming Apparatus

Hydroforming operations are performed using a 1,000Ton (2 million lbf) Macrodyne press. To generate the internal pressure required for hydroforming, a high pressure intensifier is used to intensify the laboratory water up to a maximum pressure of 414MPa (60ksi).

1,000Ton hydroforming press at the University of Waterloo

For high pressure hydroforming, hydraulic end-feed (EF) actuators are used to seal the tube and apply an axial EF load during hydroforming. The cylinders used for the EF actuators are Parker Series 3H large bore high pressure hydraulic cylinders, manufactured by Parker Corporation. Each EF actuator has a capacity of 1,112kN (250kip) supplied by the 21MPa (3,000psi) laboratory hydraulics. The actuators are situated on an adjustable frame, which allows movement and manual adjustment for different die sets. For low pressure hydroforming experiments, end-plugs are used. The hydroforming process is controlled by a PC-based LabView interface that is coupled to four PID servo-hydraulic controllers via an analog/digital data acquisition card.